Mona Arshi poetry


Poets & Players

Mona Arshi reads for Poets & Players, including her poem, 'Gateway of India'

BBC Front Row (audio only)

Richard Curtis's Film Yesterday, a summer solstice poem by Mona Arshi, Bradford Literature Festival protests

5x15: Poetry and Human Rights

Recorded at The Tabernacle in London in March 2018.

Poets and Players

Mona Arshi reads for Poets & Players on 18 October 2016 as part of the Manchester Literature Festival at Hallé St Peter’s, Manchester.

The Minstry of Light

Watch Mona’s poem ‘The Minister of Light’ as read by the children of Saint Augustine’s Priory School in Ealing.

Transatlantic Poetry Series

Mona Arshi and Chris Campanioni read poems and answer live Q&A, hosted by John Gosslee of Fjords Review.

Collaboration for ‘Dancing Words’

Mona Arshi’s collaboration for ‘Dancing Words’, Tom Szirtes, Nathalie Teitler and Ella Mesma, first shown at the BFI.

BBC Radio 4: Odysseus (Audio only)

Odysseus, The Patron Saint of Foreigners? Commissioned by Radio 4, Book of the Week.